3 Tips To Remember When Planning An Indoor Party For Kids That Will Keep Everyone Happy

Posted on: 19 July 2017

Whether your child's birthday falls in the middle of winter or during the summer heat when an outdoor party would be a stressful event, having the party indoors can seem a little intimidating. When you think about cramming your home with several young children, cake and ice cream, and possibly messy foods and games, it is no surprise that many parents are afraid to have an indoor kids birthday party inside of their home. However, there are a few tricks and tips you can use with an indoor party that will keep the kids and you happy with the whole situation. 

Skip the traditional cake and ice cream and go for cookies or cupcakes instead. 

Picture this: you have 15 kids over for a birthday party and it's time to cut the cake. Everyone gathers around the dining room table (that just happens to have white carpeted floors) and before you know it, there are 15 youngsters with wobbly fingers picking at their colorful cake and rapidly melting ice cream. Sounds a little like a nightmare, right? If you're planning an indoor party, it is a good idea to skip the messy cake and ice cream and go with something a little easier to control and serve, like cupcakes with icing centers instead of icing tops or a cookie platter. 

Block off the indoor play space so kids are not free to roam the entire house. 

It will be much easier to keep tabs on all those little ones if they are kept pretty well in the same space. Therefore, when you set up your house for the party, create an indoor play space in one large room or two smaller rooms and block off the rest of the house. This will be the room where party games are played, gifts are opened, and can even be used when serving snacks and treats at the party. 

Pick party games that are least likely to rattle your nerves and make a huge mess. 

Birthday party games are a lot of fun to pick out for your planned event, but some games just don't fit on the inside of a house. Yet, there are a still games that can be played inside the house that will not leave you with broken furniture and rattled nervous. Check out some of the lists of indoor games online that are mess-free and bound to keep the youngsters entertained. 

Alternatively, it may be helpful to simply schedule a time for the party at an indoor play space, such as We Orbit.


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