After School Child Care Program

Posted on: 29 September 2020

Child care is essential for working parents who need a safe place for their kids during working hours. Having a child care provider that can take the children from the time in between school and the end of the work day is important. Affordable childcare is possible through after school assistance from a qualified provider. Here are a few benefits of using an after school child care program

After school child care helps provide a seamless transition after classes to supervised free time. Older children who have numerous home assignments will have an adult ensuring that they get started. The scheduled routine of the after school childcare works well for children who thrive with being on a predictable routine. Snacks that are given help tide children over until dinner time. Childcare staff can make sure that children with dietary restrictions eat a snack packed from home or an agreed upon snack on their allowable foods list. 

When choosing an after school childcare program, always carefully read through their rules. The rules will reveal their security protocols in place for dropping off and picking up students. Whom the children will be released to is always designated by the parents. Always include one or more emergency persons who are granted permission in advance to pick up the children. Proper hand washing, masks, and smaller group sizes may have been implemented post pandemic.  Always see how the staff interacts with other children who are in the care of the after school program. Inquire about the pickup time and any late fees that apply for each child in the family. 

After school care works well for families where both parents are working, and the release time of the school is too early. Many parents with high stress jobs simply need an extra hour a few times a week to do chores like grocery shopping, meal preparation for the week, or running errands. Knowing that the children are well cared for during this time can take away stress from leaving them unsupervised. Many students are old enough to be latch key children, but additional supervision will help ensure the child is safe and says on course. 

It is always worth the extra effort to check out the details of an after school program. Reach out to the care provider if any special accommodations are needed. Use these tips when enrolling one or multiple children into an after school child care program. 


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