How To Prep For Your Child's Next Preschool Program

Posted on: 15 July 2022

Is your child ready for the next school year to begin? After a summer filled with sunny pool days and firefly-lit nights, it's time to transition back into the pre-K routine. Before your child heads back to class, take a look at the top ways to prep for their preschool program.

Make A List—And Check It Twice

Last year you mastered the day care routine. But after a few months off, you're rusty. Start with a list. While a supply or packing list is essential, you don't need to only include the items your child needs to bring to school. Instead of one supply list, create a few different lists. Think of the lists as blueprints that can guide you through the first few days or even weeks of the preschool year.

Some schools and teachers supply parents with a "what to bring" list. If your child's pre-K teacher sent or emailed a list, follow it. The teacher will expect your child to have these items. The extras that you see advertised in back-to-school sale materials aren't always necessary. 

After you create or check off the packing list, make other lists as needed. These could include a "daily schedule/activity" list, a "daily outfit choice" list, a "forms to bring to school" list, or a "pre-preschool appointment list" (this would include a physical/well-visit and other similar checkups). 

Create A First-Day Folder—Or Two

Now that you've listed the documents and forms that the pre-K requires, you need to gather each item. As you check vaccination records, photo release forms, emergency contact documents, or anything else your child's pre-K requires off the list, place it into a first-day folder. This approach will help you to organize everything and reduce the likelihood that you will forget important documents during the first day back rush.

Along with the to-bring folder, you can also create a to-keep folder. This one won't contain documents or forms for school. Use this to hold anything of importance that your child brings home. This folder will grow as your child progresses through the preschool year. 

Try A Dress Rehearsal—Or A Few

How long will it take your child to eat breakfast, brush their teeth, and get dressed for school? Does your preschooler know where their backpack is or how to find the lunch you packed? Will new construction change the travel time? Try at least, if not a few, dress rehearsals to get back into your family's school-day routine.

Take the word dress rehearsal literally and include dressing time in the pre-first-day-practice schedule. Do everything exactly as you would on the first day of school. Not only will this help you to create a workable schedule, but it can also help your child to feel more comfortable. The dress rehearsal will give your child a better idea of what to expect on the first day—especially if they're nervous or can't clearly remember what happens before or on the way to preschool.

Contact your child's preschool to learn more.


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